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Programming &Coding Institute for Kids, Enhance Skills & Creativity
by "MK" Experienced and knowledgeable directly from Malaysia.

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Coding class for kids | Language learning | Many more

Robokit Program

Learning the basics of building robots, learning Lego components. Practice simple robot assembly skills. and designing and assembling robots

Virtual Reality Program Through Glasses

Let's prepare to go to the virtual world for our children. with virtual reality tools and training in both Thai and English The future begins with the development of the present.

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Technology skill development course important in the development of business organizations

We provide knowledge services to organizations with technology business development plans.

Innovation Solution Course. To solve environmental problems for Thailand in Singapore by Coach MK

Bitkidbymk in collaboration with the Institute for Youth Development Organized a 1-week learning trip for young entrepreneurs in Singapore. To allow Thai children to grow up in a quality society and to be developed in a country with an efficient technology learning system.

Reviews from student learning Scratch program at BitkidbyMK

BitkidbyMK develops children with innovative robotics skills developed from Scratch.

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